Canada :カナダ

My name is Yanni and I am from Canada. In Canada we learn both French and English in school. I also know how to speak Greek because my parents come from Greece. At University I studied both Philosophy and Mathematics. I love how practical and predictable numbers can be and how difficult language can be.

My favourite pastimes include reading, taking pictures and cooking. Back in Canada I loved to cook Greek food and bake all sorts of cakes and cookies.

I came to Japan because I fell in love with the country and its people. Japanese people are really nice, friendly and warm. Being able to teach English in Japan is what I have wanted to do for a long time. I look forward to meeting and teaching you.


カナダ ケベック州出身のヤニー先生。趣味は日本のお寺や神社巡りに写真撮影が大好きなヤニー先生は日本の四季を満喫しています。また、実家がフランス料理店を営んでいることもあり、料理は得意中の得意!動物好きでもあり、ネコを三匹カナダから連れてきています。一生日本に住みたいと言うほど日本好きのヤニー先生の、今の夢はネコたちと一緒に柴犬と、フレンチブルドッグ を飼うことだそうです。いまは日本の歴史にはまっていて、日本人スタッフよりも詳しかったりします。会員様のカリキュラムを作るのが得意で、お一人お一人に合わせて様々な話題を深く話せる、丁寧な教え方が特徴のとても人気の先生です。専門は哲学や言語学。



G’day !
I’m Alex and I’m from Australia. Most of my life has been spent in Sydney, but I also lived in Greece for half a year when I was younger and travelled to many countries. Before moving to Japan last year, I had visited 5 times and enjoyed every trip.

My hobbies are cooking Mediterranean cuisine, Ancient History and Movies. My background is in Business. I’ve worked for some very large companies, such as Sony Electronics and Samsung Electronics. My experience with them has given me a wealth of knowledge on management, sales, marketing and technology that I often share with students.





I am Wesley from the Netherlands. Nice to meet you!
My father is from the United Kingdom so i learned both Dutch and English growing up, as well as German and French in both middle school and high school. I love mathematics, physics and basic economics.

Which is why in University I majored in Game Development so i can use this knowledge as much as I want to develop mobile applications and games. In University I took part in an exchange program to Osaka Japan, here I enjoyed my life so much that I decided that I wanted to come back for a longer period of time.

My hobbies are playing games, reading books, watching dramas, cooking, swimming, soccer, snowboarding and skating. Recently i bought a road bike and have been exploring parts of Osaka, it's a really fun city, sadly there isn't a lot of grass.





Hello my name is Tokko, I grew up in Nishinomiya-City in Hyogo, but I have been working in Osaka-City for a long period of time. I love playing golf, singing songs, arranging flowers, enjoying dinner and learning English. I think to able to learn English is a really great thing because it is a skill that is required in many places.

I will be waiting for your visit to ZOO EIKAIWA.





Hello, my name is Yohei. Ten years ago i used to live in Kyoto, but now i live in Osaka. It's said that the best seasons of Kyoto are the spring and autumn. But i like the winter there, it's very cold and it snows often. But when Kyoto is covered in snow, it's very beautiful. Please come and see Kyoto 'old town' in the winter.

ZOO has some native and Japanese teachers. There blows an exotic breeze, everyone has attractive personalities and many experiences to share. I have been able to study English by being surround by the wonderful staff at ZOO.

Let's study and enjoy English and intercultural communication!



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